Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winter Sowing Odds and Ends...

Questions you may have about Winter Sowing

Can you use containers other than milk containers?
Yes, but they need to have at least 4" of depth, and an air whole to breath at the top. Also the container  needs to be clear to get good sunlight.

I noticed you said nothing about the lid, do I need it?
No, the lid is useless for this project.

Is a clean container important?
Yes, rinse out container thoroughly

When should I start planting?
You can start as early as January especially for early season cold weather garden plants.March - April for warmer weather garden plants. Will vary a little according to your zone.

Do I ever need to water my mini-green house?
No need to ever water during Winter months, during Spring warm up keep an eye on them till planted as you may need to add a little if you are not seeing condensation on the side of your container.

Will my plants need more air than the container provides?
Your in good shape during the winter months however, plants may need a little more air closer to planting season.

* You may have many more questions in mind please feel free to ask and I would be glad to assist you.


  1. I read your comment on Margaret's Blog that you had seeds germinating by hanging them in ziplock baggies from your windows. Could you please explain that? If it posted elsewhere on your site I apologize for not finding it and asking you to repeat.

    1. It's a very simple procedure and it's fun to watch the seeds germinate. I will be doing a post in the next week or so with pictures and explanation.

      Quick How To:
      Choose the seeds you would normally plant in soil. Find a Ziploc bag of any size, also a paper towel they work best but you can use napkins... Cut the towel to fit the size of the bag but make it twice the size because you will be folding it over evenly like a book. Wet the paper towel with water in a sprayer or saturate the paper towel and wring out. Place seeds on the paper towel leaving room for it to grow as they will grow 1-2 inches in the bag. I place them about a half inch to inch apart. Now fold over the top layer of the paper towel covering the seeds. Before you slide the paper towel into the Ziploc be sure to label what seeds your planting and I like to add the date that you plant them as well, especially if you journal planting dates for future years. Seal bags some like to leave a small 1/4" opening at the top for a little air I close mine all the way. Find your windows that receive the most light, tape to the window and watch them grow in the days ahead! Again, I hope that helps I will post pictures and info in the next week or so. Thanks for asking it is a lot of fun my girls love watching them grow!!