Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Planting in the Snow?

Winter Sowing Made Easy...

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It's that time of year again when I get the "Planting Itch"! Having now seen more than enough snow my mind gets busy planning for the planting season soon to begin. After a previous year of starting so early that my plants were lost to premature planting and no garden to transplant to I was determined to find another method. To my surprise I happened to come across an article by Ashley Cotter that caught my attention.
Come join me and give it a try yourself as I begin my Winter Sowing adventure.

My plan is to take you through an economical step by step process of how to achieve Winter Sowing. So first things first, head for the fridge and lay claims on your half used clear gallon milk jug!

Winter Sowing  Supplies Needed
You will need a drill, knife, scissors, duct tape and marker to get you started.

Drilling Water Drain Holes 
Mark and Drill 4-1/4" holes in the bottom of your milk container. They will serve as drainage for your minigreenhouse.

Marking and Cutting your Jug
 Measure from the bottom up approximately 4" and if desired draw a line around the  container to assist in  keeping your cut straight. Cut out leaving one side of the jug intact.


Soil Filling and Planting
Fill container bottom with soil (I prefer Miracle Grow Soil for planting) leaving room to top off with soil after seeds are planted. Wet soil with sprinkler setting of your hose. Let drain and prepare for planting. Simply scatter seed of choice over the top of the soil, no rows or order. I am planting pepper seeds due to my having the most trouble with spring planting from seed in years past. When seeds are scattered press down into soil lightly and cover with a thin layer of soil. 

Sealing the Container
Wrap container with a layer of duct tape to seal. You will also want to add the type of plant you have planted and I like to add the date as well which you can record in your planting journal and will aid you in years ahead.

Find a location outdoors where your plants will not be disturbed by dogs, children... You will also want to place your mini green house where it will get a good amount of sunlight. 

Final Words
In my following posts I will be sharing with you tips and additional information to winter sowing. My goal was to keep this post simple and not cluttered with extra details that I will cover in the days to come. Please feel free to ask questions that I would be glad to field for you. Good luck to you on building your mini green house!

* Photos from this post were taken from my iPhone

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