Friday, March 15, 2013

Planting Project Derailed, Sleepless Nights, Friends Who Care!

Decided not to post the explosion pics that you or anyone else in their right mind would not want to see however, a true friend and gentlemen who will remain nameless covered in my family's "Raw Sewage" may have amused you but to humbled to take his picture after the explosion. Had a company in to bid on the repair job and excavating which literally was the price of a new car and led to a sleepless night. Light bulbs finally went on for me and stress began to diminish as I was reminded that I'm from the country and surrounded by friends with skill's and with that in mind the phone calls began and 7 days later a new septic system professionally in and done for less than the cost of your average refrigerator.

Apologies, quick iPhone pictures, work was in progress


Now ready more than ever to get back to Winter Sowing and preparing for the planting season ahead!

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  1. Hey Rodney, Welcome to the world of blogging! Ummm I'm glad you didn't post the sewage pic. What a wonderful friend you have! (smile) btw... love the header picture! Don't forget to title your posts. I have a feeling I'm going to like this blog!!!